Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project 10 Pan

Some of you may know that I decided to venture out on a project 10 pan a few weeks ago. For those of you not familiar with Project 10 Pan, it’s pretty much a makeup buy ban. The premise is that you must completely use up 10 products before you buy any more and it's a way of using makeup that’s already in your collection instead of continually buying and forgetting about the old stuff *guilty*. A lot of people have different rules for Project 10 Pan and these are mine. I am not buying any cosmetic items (makeup, skin care, hair care, nail polish, etc.) until I have completely used up 10 I already own. I decided to limit myself to 5 skin care products because I tend to go through skin care pretty quickly and I had a lot of items that were already more than half done.
Here’s what I’ve used up so far…

These are the non-skin care items I’ve used so far.
1. My Essie To Dry For topcoat has seen its last day. This is my second bottle and I will definitely be repurchasing it once Project 10 Pan is over. As of now I have a few other topcoats I need to work my way through so hopefully I won’t miss this product too much.
2. I’m counting my Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils and Dior Extase mascaras as one item because I’ve had both of these for ages and it’s time for me to throw them out. The formulas have just gotten too thick and they’re no longer very nice to apply.
3. Biotherm Nutrisource Levres is a really great lip cream. Unfortunately, Biotherm discontinued this product last year so it’s no longer available (I think).

Now onto the skin care. To be honest I could probably do a Project 10 Pan skin care version and still have enough to last me a year. I’m a major skin care person and it’s probably my favourite thing to shop for.
4. The gross green stuff in the black container is the Neostrata Smoothing Cleansing Mask I de-potted but forgot to photograph before I threw out the container. Even though I still technically I haven't finished this I only have one use left and will probably use it up tomorrow morning so I’m counting it, sue me. I’m not a big fan of this mask and won’t be repurchasing it. It’s supposed to exfoliate the skin but I don’t find it does a very good job. The green apple peel mask from Juice Beauty is a much better investment.
5. I finished my second bottle of the Murad Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. I love this stuff! It makes my skin feel very smooth and seems to do a good job at treating acne, although I would argue it’s more preventative than a treatment.
6. The last product is from a Canadian brand called Etival and it's the Hydra Boost Serum. Again, not a product I would repurchase. It’s a decent serum but I’ve since found the Bioderma Hydrabio serum and love that way more.

So that leaves me with 4 products to use, not bad for only 5 weeks! Here are a few contenders…

I love powders and have a lot of them. Clockwise starting from the left is CoverFX MatteFX in Light, CoverFX PowderFX in E0, and Physicians Formula Mineral Face Powder in Translucent Light.

A few more products that I’ve been using a lot or are almost finished. The LipFusion duo and Dior brow gel are really old and will either be used up or tossed. I’m not a fan of Benefit Powderflage. I find it tends to dry out my under eye area and makes my concealer look cakey so I’m trying to use it up as fast as I can. The Fresh Sugar Shag lipgloss and Dior LipGlow are two products that I love and can see myself repurchasing. Once they’re gone I’ll be quite sad.

So that’s it for Project 10 Pan at the moment. I can’t wait to be finished and I’m hoping these last few products will be used up quickly.


  1. You didn't like powderflage? that's good to know. It's always one of those products that I mean to get but seem silly in my opinion, a separate powder for your undereye's, I mean can't any setting powder do the same thing? thanks.

  2. This was like makeup porn. I am loving your blog.

  3. @Justine Yeah I find it's the same as a regular finely milled setting powder. There's a slight pink tint to it but nothing substantial imo. Not worth it. I want to try the Laura Mercier secret brightening powder though.

  4. @Maria Hahaha that comment made my night. <3

  5. Good luck!
    I am a new follower
    Also doing a project 10 pan... well actually 20 on my blog! Check it out if you like
    xoxo Elle

  6. congrats hun. doing great. keep up the good work!

  7. And you think YOU need to do a project 10 pan? Check this out -->

    And this is just SOME of the stuff I have lying around. I should do a project 30-pan!

  8. @Chris Hahaha that's pretty impressive! I've actually come to the conclusion that project 10 pan may not have been the best decision because I don't actually have that much makeup, just a ton of skin care. What I have isn't nearly as luxurious as yours looks though, I'm jealous!

  9. Christiana--I work at Origins and I have far too much skincare. I'd be happy to send you some of mine :)


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