Monday, May 16, 2011

May Luxe Box

My May Luxe Box FINALLY arrived! For those of you not familiar with Luxe Box, it’s a subscription service that sends you 3-5 deluxe samples of beauty products for $9.99 plus tax per month. Ever since hearing about Birchbox I’ve been really intrigued by this concept and so when I heard Canada had their own version I had to try it.

I’ll get my first and only complaint out of the way early. Loose Button (the company that owns Luxe Box - don’t ask me why they need two names) sent out the Luxe Boxes on May 9th so I was expecting to get my package in the mail within a few days. As early as May 10th I saw on Twitter and random blogs that people had already received their Luxe Box so I was expecting to get mine fairly soon after. Well I just got it in the mail today, a week after everyone else received theirs. This most likely isn’t Luxe Box’s fault, I personally blame the post office in Mississauga. Every time I order anything online I swear that post office holds on to my package for a good week before sending it my way. This shouldn’t be an issue for anyone who lives in the GTA as I’m assuming that your package won’t need to go through the horrid Mississauga post office (I could be wrong) but for anyone living outside of that area expect a very long wait for your Luxe Box to arrive.

Alrighty, on to the actual Luxe Box!

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