Monday, April 11, 2011

Insomnia: In & Out

It’s 1am and I can’t bring myself to sleep even though I’m tired. This always seems to happen to me at the end of the semester when I’m done everything and have basically zero school related stress. I’m technically not finished for another 3 weeks but the amount of work I need to do between now and then is minimal, hence no stress. Since I’m just sitting here refreshing Twitter and YouTube waiting for something to happen I figured I’d write a blog post. I’m going to attempt to do my first “In & Out” post but I’m going to warn you that it might suck. Here we go…

Spring! Today it was ridiculously nice outside! We literally had a major snowstorm a week ago and today it was bright, sunny, and probably 15 degrees. I don’t expect it to last but I’m going to try and enjoy it while it does.

Dresses. It’s getting to be that time of the year that I go dress crazy again. I usually live in dresses all year round and just add leggings in the winter but for some reason this winter I ended up with a strict wardrobe of yoga pants. Even though I’m still yoga pant obsessed I’m feeling the urge to go buy some dresses. I have a lot of my old dresses lying around but the one downfall of losing weight is that my old clothes don’t really fit anymore so unless I belt them they just look shapeless.

Minimal makeup. Lately whenever I put on makeup it all just seems like too much. I’ve been sticking with no makeup for my hermit days and very light makeup for my being a normal human being and socializing days. NARS sheer glow, MAC virgin isle and pearl cream colour bases, Laura Mercier metallic cream eyeshadow in alloy, and mascara have been my go to items. I mix in a few other items each day but those have been the foundation of my glowy, spring look.


School. I’m almost finished my last semester of my undergraduate degree. In less than one month I will be officially finished which is a little scary considering I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Work. I need a new job. The one I currently have has been my part time job for the past 3 years and I’ve grown to hate it and need a change.
Writing this post has actually made me more sleepy. Yay for blogging! Although being typical me I think I might prolong my insomnia by watching an episode of The Office before I try and sleep. Goodnight everyone!


  1. I'm into minimal makeup at the moment, too. I stay up ridiculously late even though I have a ton of work I should be doing. :/

  2. Every time you mention The Office it makes me so happy, haha. I still think you should check out 'Extras' too - absolutely hilarious! xoxo

  3. I don't know how I wasn't following this blog, such a dunce. I miss things, there is so much going on, you know? Amazing blog, you write so well and your pics are A+. What camera do you use? You're pretty amazing Christine!

  4. Did you find a job? I live in Ontario Canada... I really want to try Inglot!


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